Mercury Creative Arts, LLC provides representation to artists that create artwork installations for corporations, hotels, casinos, health care facilities, private collectors and individuals.  Architects and designers choose to work with MCA when their project requires an elevated level of design for elements such as art glass lighting, sculpture, glass feature walls and more.  Sheila Kuster, President of Mercury Creative Arts, LLC, spent decades operating a glass blowing studio and managing major glass installations globally. This experience makes Sheila uniquely qualified to assist architects, designers, and individual clients in managing a project from conception through installation.  The talented artists represented by Mercury Creative Arts are well established, creative individuals working in different mediums; glass, sculpture, photography, painting and mixed media.  Our portfolio includes extensive glass sculpture, architectural lighting, and custom glass feature walls.  As an organization we are committed to bringing significant, original pieces of art into people’s lives on a daily basis.

As President of MCA, Sheila uses her artistic vision and business acumen to meet the needs of her clients, and promotes her represented artists with the goal of consistently exceeding everyone’s expectations.