Robin Resch

Robin Resch is a Princeton-based artist known for her spontaneous and natural portraits as well as her fine art photography. Her work has been exhibited at Princeton University’s Lucas Gallery, the Pringle Gallery in Philadelphia, Princeton Project Space, the Arts Council Princeton, amongst others. Her landscape photography, shown here in the series As We Pass Through It, explores the power of nature and the duality of its ephemerality and continuum. In some pieces, it is the force of nature, a crashing stream, rolling fog, and rushing wind that alter and abstract the object of the picture, in others she intentionally blurs the focus, abstracting the landscape in order to evoke the emotive experience of the fleeting moment, that of the landscape as we pass through it — an analogy to the fleeting nature of our own lives. These photographs as well as her still life studies, Seeking Light, are painterly abstractions that explore impressions and compositions of color and light, intentionally blurring the image to free it from a literal reading.


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